Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yamantaka Eye & Super Ae

July 7, 2007, long in the making a performance long in the making under the Brooklyn Bridge. The Boadrum or Boadrum 77 was an outdoor performance led by Yamantaka Eye leader of the Japanese psych Noise band the Boredoms.

clip 1;

boadrum 77 involved 77 drummers from all kinds of bands. In a spiral in this park 77 live drummers perform to the lead of Yamantaka or "EYE" as he prefers to be called. It happened again, the second was "Boadrum 88" performed with 88 drummers on August 8, 2008. awesome!

Boadrum 88, this clip features a song by Noise group Gang Gang Dance;

EYE is also an interesting visual artist and Boredoms music is amazing! Check it out. Their album "Chocolate Synthesizer" is a masterpiece.

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