Thursday, October 30, 2008

Garbage Garbage

So last year for one of my Intermedia projects I wanted to see what would happen if my roommates and I were to keep all of our trash for four days.  On top of that, we also agreed to not wash any pots, pans and dishes, so you can imagine the buildup of dirt and garbage sitting on our kitchen counter.  My original intention was to keep this going for a week, but the project needed to come to a close.  Basically I really wanted to kind of reveal how much we actually throw away.

On Monday Jill pointed out to me that there was an article in the NY Times about a man who was dedicated to keeping his trash for an entire year.  I couldn't find the specific article on their website, but it does seem like this project has been done before.

Here's two links (one, two) of people who have done this recently.  In the first one the man that had done this for 12 months actually ended up wanting to give an artist all of what he had learned so the artist could depict it in a way that we would respond to.  Garbage is a lot more interesting than you'd think... too bad it's still garbage, right?

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