Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Divide.

Individual Project #1 Documentation : A Divide. 

How it started:

Initially I was considering simply putting together a cut and paste poem using lines of text of my own, and some of my favorite poets. One night I was watching an interview with John Baldessari on UBU web and began to discuss this project. I was inspired by this idea of taking something in your life that hold significance somehow, but seems so pointless. I was immediately reminded of the large box of greeting cards I had saved over the years that was hiding under my bed. I knew right then that I wanted to incorporate them so how. 

Further Thought:

All my life I have saved these things for some reason that I never understood until I started to examine and read through them all again. The emotions were very strong as I was reminded of old friends, relationships, and memories. My strongest reaction however, was one of confusion. There was a huge divide between how I see myself, and how all these people see me. It was a mixed emotion in that it was nice to read all the kind words and maybe have some reassurance that I am my own harshest critic, but also very hurtful and confusing to feel like maybe I have fooled all these people. 

My interest within my own art lies in those very emotions and reflections I was just expressing so I decided to combine my first idea and still create a cut and paste poem, only use the poem to express the reflections and emotions I was experiencing.

It was my goal to have the cards and poem speak to each other in a sense. The goal for my audience was to simply interact with the cards, interpret the poem, and get a sense of the emotion I was experiencing. I wanted to show the two sides of my perspective of myself...as well as everyones perspective of me. I had also hoped that within the cards the audience could find connections of their own, and maybe did some personal reflection as well. 

Here is an image of the whole installation as I presented it, with the lights off and the glow of a small lamp covered by sheer matieral. (I changed it after the class critique. I set up the poem at a different time of setting up light and the cards so I rearranged differently afterwards)

Heres a view with the lights on just to get a better idea of how it was set up:

The poem read. 

[the inevitable, everlasting equation]
distance + time = change

i want to breakdown
in your arms
[im a coward in every direction]
and for once allow myself
to reduce to my simplest, purest form

[im staring in my head, missing your thoughtful arms]
you know me
better than I know myself

 i need  you here
[where is my comfort, where's heart ease, where are tears of joy, where are the companions}
to help me realize
the person
the potential
that i truly am

Here are a few of my favorite cards up close:


Cole said...

I'm actually really glad you took the time to change around the setup. I loved your project as was, but I think this definitely ties it together better.

Ryan said...

I didn't get to see this when it was set up so, first of all, you documented this all really well.
I love that these cards were actually sent to you instead of recreated. I think the emotional aspect of the project comes through really clearly thanks to the authenticity of the cards.
I also like how you've presented the cards. I can't help but think of Xmas cards sitting on the fireplace mantel. The low light also helps with the atmosphere.
The only thing I may change is how the poem is set up. I would put it into a form that relates to the form of the cards.
Nice job!