Thursday, October 2, 2008

Craig Leonard

Craig Leonard is an Intermedia artist who lives and works in Nova Scotia (Hi Craig). He expressed interest in the multiple conversations about intermedia we have been generating on our blog. He has been working on what he calls a "research-based gift project" called Gift for the Screamers that interrogates the practice and knowledge systems of the archive. As you are looking at the research, the ways he documents and exhibits this project and what kinds of knowledge is and is not being included, refer back to the conversations we had with Alina's, Whitney's and Ryan's projects which also engaged with ways of knowing. He has also opened up a discussion of "Uncertain Terms and Conditions" . The term Intermedia came up in Mike's critique last night, as he attempted to engage with traditional painting and printmaking media in a non- traditional context. Let's talk about this on Wed. the 8th.

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