Friday, October 24, 2008

The Aluminium Falcon

Here are pictures from my "Aluminium Falcon" project.

My idea here was taking a crappy rust-bucket car (originally belonging to my sister) and turning it into a unique space mural unlike anything else in Iowa City. I guess this is kind of like the show "Pimp-my-ride," but the idea here is more about having a cool work of art on wheels, instead of having a a pair of wheels with a cool paint job. My hope is that the car will be interactive within Iowa City, just through showcasing a one of a kind paintjob on campus, even if individual audience members only get to experience it for 5 seconds.

The name is a reference to The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, but I imagine this car would resemble an Aluminium can if it ever got in a car crash. I was surprised nobody brought up the spelling of "Aluminim" instead of the more common "Aluminum." I guess I figured the scientific spelling would be more fitting, instead of the familiar "Aluminum." Here's a link to the history of ALUMINIUM Vs. ALUMINUM.

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