Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Studio Project

This projects is the start of a semester long study I am dealing with. I am experimenting and researching the affects of differing studio space. With this project I am researching the effects of the work I produce in conjunction with the studio space I am working in. So, I have been constructing differing studio spaces and this is an example of my 1st one. This project has transformed and is becoming a larger project than 1st anticipated but this is all I have for now.

Here are the photos from my studio project #1


Whitney said...

Hi Meg,

I wasn't at your critique, so I'm not exactly sure what you were going for here, but I'll try to make my comments helpful anyway. Please ignore if they are completely off base.

So I notice everything is all white. If you plan on painting in the tent, I think it would be cool to see what kind of patterns, shape and forms the paint makes on the cloth you constructed your ten out of. That could be a piece in itself. I also observed that the tent is quite short. Will you be painting lying down? That could make for an interesting project as well. How do you paint when you're in different, slightly awkward positions?

If you post some info with your project, I will amend my comment to fit your statement. Thanks.

Chris Annis said...

I saw this personal space as an metaphor for the artist's mental blank slate where one could crawl and remain safe in. As ideas would begin to flow they could manifest them on the walls of this space without fear of judgment or rejection until your latest work is ready.