Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Autumn Project

Someone mentioned Godspeed You Black Emperor earlier in the blog. Back in Des Moines their was a band called The Autumn Project. They were really similar to Godspeed You Black Emperor. I rather enjoy both of these bands. When I listened to the music I was elevated to a place of calm and was in a transcendental realm. I liked to listen to the music while I was driving during a thunderstorm. It was better when it was just lightening and not raining. The music would be the sound and the lightening would be the show.
With live music I want a good show or stage presence. I hate going to see a band and have them just stand there and not do anything or very much. Come on people I paid money to see you, do something. When musicians are moving around and giving me a show the music becomes much better. I am better at understanding visual imagery more than anything else and when I get a show at a show the music intensifies.

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