Sunday, October 12, 2008

Björk / Drawing Restraint 9

If you haven't heard of Björk, get your head from underneath that rock and clean at least a decade and a half of dust out of your ears.

I absolutely love Björk, but she's hit or miss with some people, as you would expect of an avant-garde virtuosic composer/vocalist. But she operates outside of the music world frequently as well and has an insane sense of style and color.

She is also Matthew Barney's partner and played a crucial role in Drawing Restraint 9, including both on-camera performance and the production of the entire score.

She is so prolific that many people have become obsessed with her to frightening ends. There is one incident of interest where Ricardo López mailed her an acid bomb to her London flat, but was thankfully intercepted by the London police. In what I consider a bizarre/sickening example of video art, he created a video tape almost 18 hours long as he constructed the bomb as he spoke of many things, including his obsession and his views on love. Later in the tape he leaves to mail the bomb, comes back, paints his face, shaves his head and then commits suicide with a gun. I will not post a link to some excerpts of the video that have been leaked to the net, as it seem to be in bad taste in this context, however if things like this interest you, please dive in.

Drawing Restraint 9 Official Site

Drawing Restraint 9 trailer
Björk Offical site - tons of videos and pictures
Her Newest single featuring Antony Hegarty (from Antony and the Johnsons and Hercules and Love Affair) - this is a video with three different directors: Christoph Jantos, Masahiro Mogari, and Marçal Cuberta Junca based in Germany, Japan, and Spain respectively that collaborated via email.

also of note, the last link goes to where you can find the entirety of Liars' "Drum's Not Bread" which is a video compendeum to their album "Drum's Not Dead"

okay that's enough for me, happy clickings.

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