Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ben Glenn

This artist is in response to the presentation on Monday about the process of a painting coming together in front of you (I think it was Jeff?), but Van had also posted a video about live painting.

This performance artist does large murals with chalk, which I find really cool. I thought this goes along with Van's last project, when he was talking about "temporary graffiti." Here's his website, but there are also several videos on youtube which show him in action. Clearly the process of making these large chalk artworks is what draws people to him. I don't see any of his art for sale, likely because the end product is too massive and non-permanent to do anything with. This intrigues me, because when I make art, all I care about is if the end product looks good, and it makes me wonder if perhaps it's not the process that should be the focus (I suppose though, the end result is an accumulation of the process I had been through, anyway).

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