Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I just discovered that Jenny Holzer has an exhibition going up at the MCA Chicago on October 25th. For those who do not recall her, she was interviewed for the 2007 art21 series. Her work deals much with text and media. If you are in Chicago I would suggest visiting the show, it is up until Feb.
Also here is the website to see a short from the ART:21 episode.

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Jill B said...

Related to this exhibition, the MCA is hosting a symposium the weekend of October 24-25, that I am going to attend, called Disruptions, the Polictical in Art Now with keynote lecture by Jacques Ranciere (Ranciere's writing about the politics of aesthetics was included in Bishop's book, Participation. It should be very good. Other artists involved in the symposium include Gregg Bordowitz (who you may remember from the film Strange Culture), Trevor Paglen and Mark Tribe and more.

And if you are going to go see the Jenny Holzer exhibition in Chicago, I also recommend visiting the Renaissance Society where they are showing work by Francis Alys.

There's lots of good stuff right now!