Wednesday, October 29, 2008


KILL YOUR IDOLS (2004) is a rock documentry directed by Scott Creary, taking its name from the first SONIC YOUTH record. This film is a following/explanantion of what 'no wave' or the post punk scene involved. many great new your bands circa late 1970's through mid 1980's are featured. This film is heavy on New York, this first movement and the more recent 2000's bands now active. It also features a 'no wave' scene as it jumps to the year 2002 and tells us whats going on now. bands featured; SUICIDE, SONIC YOUTH, FOETUS, TENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS, DNA, THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS, LIARS, A.R.E WEAPONS, and many more.

here is a youtube trailer;


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