Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Indifferent Graffiti

Here's are pictures from my last project. This first one is a quote from Demetri Martin, which inspired the project. I executed his idea of "indifferent Graffiti" by tagging a bridge with different somewhat confusing slogans. My hope is that someday someone else will stumble into this area (it's kind of off the beaten path) and discover this work... and maybe even understand the reference it is making.


droo said...

Good description of your work. If you were to take this further, perhaps give them all their own space that pertains to the graffiti you are writing rather than all under one bridge.

Jill B said...

Drew, are you referring to site, location and/or issue specific content, a relationship between content and location, when you suggest a space for each piece? How would this change the performance and meaning of graffiti relative to Will's concept of indifferent graffiti?