Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Pristine" project

Here is my first project in pieces before its in-class installation. Its blank face is meant both to be metaphorical for how a patient is viewed by a surgeon and how I personally felt; like nothing. The surrounding instruments were carefully placed in a silver platter to accentuate their grandeur as the surgeon's hand, bathed in deified light, hangs above. This hand, eager to cut, hides sinister motivations though, as it is guided from an unknown master of torment whose calling card seems to always be a carefully arranged line of rusted razors.


Whitney said...

You obviously put a lot of time and thought into your materials; their meaning and the physicality of them. I think the silence your installation displayed was very powerful and I think there are many places you can go with this idea. But what I found to be most compelling was your stories and the way you delivered them. You are detailed but removed from your experiences. Your tone of voice is slightly flat and at times it makes it hard for me to take it everything your saying because it really gets to me. So go with this. You have pain and experiences that very few others do and you have an effective way of communicating them. If you don't want to write, record yourself telling someone (or the class) your experiences). I think it could be just as cathartic and powerful as the materials you're working with now.

Joshua Frye said...

This seems funny to ask, but do you ever browse eBay? You seem to like found art and i think you'd find a ton of things you might like on there for other installations if you decide to continue that route. And if you want to continue rusting things its pretty simple to find all kinds of surgical tools from before 1915. There was an 1890's dentistry surgical kit that looked pretty ominous that as going for $10, with 20 minutes left to go and no bidders. I almost bought it myself.

meg f. said...

chris, your descriptions of both your piece and your exeriences are explosive. however i feel the tools you used for this project are too bland for your experience. They did not grab my attention in such a way as your vocals did. I would suggest going a little more abstract with the tools at hand. I think you are in a very difficult place, trying to transform your tremendous experiences with literal objects. Good Luck.