Monday, December 15, 2008

Semester Work

Project 1: This is a redo of my first project that was terribly unsuccessful. It is an abstraction of nature that I started working on a while ago before finally returning to it and finishing it. It is basically an abstraction of some BBC footage of the himalayas. I like to work with nature (especially mountains) because I am drawn to their imagery and want to manipulate the image to become a refined feeling that I get when I experience nature. Essentially I want to portray the pure essence of nature.

Project 2: This was a continuation of a project I did in Time Based Media. The idea was to synthesize two concepts that are very similar to one another. Though the images are specific, it is meant to be a broader synthesis of the two ideologies (fascism and evangelism). The family is more of a metaphor for a nation that has been corrupted by a fascist leader.

Project 3: This project is the same idea as the last one, only I chose to use d
ifferent images and in a more abstract way. I wanted to use the child as a product rather than a symbol as I did in the first one. 

Project 4: This is a video I did containing mostly text that reflects my opinion on art. It is meant to irritate the viewer and ask questions that have already been answered by countless other works of "art." 

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