Monday, December 15, 2008

Andries Gouws Review

     I happened to come across the work of Andries Gouws, who finds a joy in painting feet.  Apparently he has recently parted from his earlier style of still lifes and interior paintings.  His artist statement written about why he has decided to switch can be read here.

     I am have never heard of Gouws before so I am brand new to his work.  He talks about how he had felt a need for "something different," a need for change.  I can empathize with him on this topic based on how often I manipulate my drawings and paintings so they still interest me.  He also seems uncertain about his work, which I can also empathize with.  Perhaps one reason why I enjoyed reading his most recent artist statement was simply because it reminded me of myself.
     He does mention that earlier he did steer clear of human figures.  I am uncertain as to why, however, as the feet he paints are beautiful.  I do like this sense of separation from the bodies and their feet, and he classifies them this way as well.  Perhaps feet could hold some special meaning apart from the body based on their extensive use.  He also adds that he is a little uneasy about looking at them, and they even appear to him as embarrassing.  I do not think any artist should be embarrassed about any of their works.  Uncertainty is one thing, but embarrassment is uncalled for.
     I know it sounds a little hypocritical for me to say that, but I do believe it.  Maybe I'm an exception?  No.  Perhaps once enough work is done he will realize that he has nothing to be embarrassed of.  I think after my projects this past semester I am finally starting to learn this concept as well.
     Anyway, the 'Feet' paintings are beautiful, and I really think if you have a minute you should quick check them out.

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