Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Portfolio/final project continued

As we come to the end we have to present what we have contributed to eachother. Transportation, art construction and events focused around us have been many of my own topics. Below I have posted the collages I am sharing for final project. In explaning my portfolio I have posted the essay i shared at my installation at open house. For the final project I have kept my project simple. Collaging and collecting is a large part of my work and I write essays to understand the process. Simply my final project is all of the photo work I have done of projects in this class.
further down the page I have posted my review essay which is a first for writing about my experience as a DJ.

OPEN HOUSE December 5, 2008

soUNDER soUNDER soUNDER soUNDER SOUNDER. Five, for today December 5th is “OPEN HOUSE.” This is my third, how many do you have under your belt? HELLO. Today is a new occasion, where are we celebrating this party and how many new people do we have. Welcome to Installations, Writings, Thoughts, Libraries, Controversies, Happiness, Friendship, Visual Art, Literature, Paper Works and so on.

we have a room with a reel
we have a room with less light
we have fulfillment
we have chaos
we have disbandment
we have loyalty
I have paper
you he she and I have the work celebrated.

HELLO. Intermedia II brought me here. Jill Baker brought me, brought us here. Jill will bring me to the Senior Center on Saturday. I am excited to see Jill’s film on Saturday. There is a reel for us to watch movies submitted by participating artists somewhere in this building. Have you noticed this building, what a trip? I remember telling Kevin, if you imagine yourself here, as Menards … Intermedia work would be located in the Lamps. About the reel, where there are films, a roll of film. SOUNDER. After I heard the news, we counted in letter format 77 SOUNDERS to fulfill the days until Barack Obama, starts his new job. Film which is transported by a roll format. Most of the supplies for two dimensional, paper etc. were on a roll format. Transportation and a roll/a reel/paper are topics of interest for today.

This body is unlike things of OPEN HOUSE in the past. My first, we visited a room. The focuses then were materials, but organic materials. The focuses were senses, smell being the most powerful. I tag a beet as the most powerful organic art material. Second, we were Artists in the Community. We thought of people and their kindness to things, so we made them buttons. This makes me think of something I noticed last night, look at the enterance to the Graduate gallery. Someone has placed a dollar accepting art vendor/a machine. Marvelous!

work to be magnetized
work for sound
work for soundtracking
work that is quiet
work that is still
on the other side of the room
work that is not made on paper.

Next to us is the Library, you will have to ask the creators it’s title. David built the library. David is one of my most favorite people to write letters to. Letter Drawings is a different personal body of work. The elements of the installation before you reference many things to me. Letter drawings as you may read can be a honor to a person or an inanimate object. If you choose, it may honor this roll of paper. If you choose, it may honor a contrast focused. If you choose, it may honor the Grey Scale. This is drawing work as mechanics.

I am not used to such mechanics. So feel free to ask me questions. I am usually one to jump into work, spontaneity is my long lost brother. A half sibling. Sometimes, actuall often multiple formats inspire eachother / by this I mean different media delve into different media. I love to collect things, so even before I knew my theme for this celebration day, I was collecting. I get these rolls of paper from my job. I was collecting them. I collected this box which would ultimately be a podium, from Kirkwood Produce. It once contained tomatoes. When you get one of these boxes clean, in good shape, celebrate.

The paper roll is a movement object, and as we discovered in the BLT/BLT performance of Concepts in Drawing, it could be used for a handheld short film viewer. I think this is awesome. At a special meeting of performance and drawing installation these rolls of paper were used as floor sculptures as you may see it here. The boxes are simply box paintings. These days my two favorite things come on rolls, paper, and film for my 35mm camera. Recording analog on tape is a roll, I love that. This is a viewing sculpture, it has no movement like my last one. You can see a picture taken of it here. This is still work, quieter than many other things I have done. I have learned how to simply have fun, have you?

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