Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nathan's Journal

For open house, I presented a notebook I've been working on all semester with my friend in creative writing class. It consists of poems, short stories, quotes, and little cartoons. I displayed my project in a way that made it more hidden than any other projects. Even though it was in plain sight, many people would just pass it by because they would dismiss it as just someones backpack and not part of the show. This is a continuation of my "hidden art" theme that I've had in previous projects.

The notebook is presented as a personal journal belonging to our friend Nathan. The cover is littered with "Do Not Read," "Private," and "Top Secret" type messages. This was to convey an immature "Keep Out" theme (as if capital letters would prevent someone from not looking) much like one of those elementary school journals and "slam books" that were always supposed to be so private. Presented in an open house setting, I would hope that this would entice people to pick up the book to read it.

The inside of the notebook is filled with negative writings about depressions, bad luck, and suicide. I wanted to present something that was mildly inappropriate and pushed people's comfort zones. Out of context, finding a "suicide notebook" could be hazardous and out of line. Within in art show, however, it could be offensive at worst.
Though, between my friends and I, it is just an inside joke poking fun at our friend Nathan. He has yet to find out about the notebook, and I plan on giving it to him for Christmas.

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