Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CUPROCKING by andy uprock

An alternative graffiti form by ANDY UPROCK

Uprock is a Sydney based artist whos work includes transforming streetscapes into large floating cup installations. The method and practice of his work runs parallel to the culture of graffiti and he titles this movement 'Cuprocking'. 

Andy's work also includes large scale braille poetry; pieces out of cups that can be read with the hands. His long term vision with these works is to communicate graffiti with a poetic message to the blind. He is currently preparing an exhibition of his Braille series titled 'Sign Language' to be shown at the MTV Gallery in November 2008 in association with Vision Australia.



Mr E said...

Wow, that's really cool. So he makes the designs with cups, and then spray paints them afterward? I really like the idea that the graffiti can be "felt" by the blind.

This seems very relevant to your "temporary graffiti" project you did. Did his work inspire you, or did you now just discover him?

van holmgren said...

yeah, i just discovered him literally ten minutes before i posted the material. it is cool how when you start doing a project, you seem to find others in that same area more easily and frequently.