Tuesday, December 9, 2008


First off, here's a link to the commentary I have about all of my Fall Intermedia work. I decided to make a video instead of writing out all of my processes and ideas for this portfolio.

Some photos from Flower Installation:

A few photos from Last Stand in Open Country Installation:

Also, here's a link to the Willie Nelson song that accompanied the slideshow. Click on "Last Stand in Open Country."

Here are some photos from my 8 Hours of Art Installation:

"We're all in this thing together. You're not alone. There are people who want to listen. People who can help, because we know how it feels. If you could feel what I've felt you'd want to help others too. I am no martyr. I am no savior...but I could be a friend."

"Moses had horns until roughly 1500 A.D. What else has been mistranslated or completely omitted from your Holy Bible? It's a matter of faith, I understand, but so is wiping your own ass with your bare hand and expecting it not to smell like shit."

"Had Kinnick been flooded last June you can bet your ass it would have been open in time for the first home game, pink locker room and all. So why is it we will have to wait years to get our Art Studios back? Somewhere along the line of rich old white guys running Iowa they forgot what humanity was and how this college creates it through art classes not dumbass over privileged football jocks. Ah, but fuck it, we'll just sell "Mural" and get back to even. I mean who ever got drunk at 6 a.m. and ate a whole fried pig just to go see a painting."

Finally here are some photos of my installation piece at open house:

Once again, all of my commentary is located on the video which I have linked at the top of the page.


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Mr E said...

You know, I didn't happen to glance at the artist for "Last Stand in Open Country" during open house, but I remember it definitely reminded me of your work. From what I've seen, most everything you do is very much yours, as a lot of your work has a distinguishable style to it. Kudos.