Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My first project for intermedia II was a sound project in which i used the sound of breaking glass inside a paper bag.  The video is not located here but it was a fairly simple treatment.  The sound was meant to trigger violent and uncomfortable memories involving the breaking something glass.

My second project was my BFA show installation.  The installation served as a representation of my artistic process.  More specifically, it was meant to highlight the materials and content shown throughout the show.  

My third project was a video stop animation highlighting three elements that have been repeating in my intermedia experience.  The use of figures, non human actors and a two dimensional ground all work together to create a living animated environment highlighting the activation of each element in relation to the other actors on screen.

My final project for the class was also a stop animation.  This time i wanted to show an interaction of drawn elements.  I eliminated the actors for this one and just focused on creating an animated book.  A living, growing drawing.  My intent here is to show the earth and drawing as a living evolving experience complete with both visual and theoretical drama.

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