Sunday, September 7, 2008

whoopsie doodles

hi all, sorry it took me awhile to get on here and post, Mediacom is the devil and we haven't had internet at my place for going on the 10th day, but that's besides point:

Alex Grey  - a visionary artist based out of New York. Most know him as a painter, but his performances and installations are NUTS.

Matthew Barney - a self-ascribed "sculptor" that works in just about every medium possible. he's made several extremely high budget experimental films in a series called "The Cremaster Cycle," which are extremely eerie, but also does a lot of work with movement drawings or having himself restrained as he tries to draw, resulting in the "sculpture."

Alejandro Jodorowsky - he is a director, playwright, actor, mime, tarot reader, comic-book writer, composer, and a psychotherapist. Check out El Topo or The Holy Mountain, you might not be able to sit through the later without either crying, walking out, or going insane.

James Turrell and Dan Flavin - these two inspire me from the same place, but in totally different scales. i really enjoying the utter-manipulating of space, especially white gallery space, by only a couple fluorescent lights or a window on the ceiling. minimalist approaches to turning one's perceptions upside down.

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