Tuesday, September 2, 2008


There are many intermedia involved artists whom I admire. Here are just a few. As the semester goes on, and after I do my presentation some may see why they are important to me. Many of them are sound based, or musical.

Here is a link to a youtube video surveying a instillation by David Byrne (talking heads) in 2008 in New York.

Here is a link for the French art collective SHOBOSHOBO. This is an interesting group and their visual work I enjoy, however it is hit or miss.


PAPER RAD. Like shoboshobo, a collection of artists linked visually. They put out interesting books of visual collections and the participants are also heavily involved in contemporary sound and noise.


The contemporary genre, "FUTURE SHOCK" can be found with these visual/audio artists. Wham City was the starting place for people like; Dan Deacon, VIDEOHIPPOS, Killer Whales, Ed Schrader, the Blue Leader, Jimmy Joe Roche, etc.


Last but not least. I love the group Lightning Bolt. I also love contemporary noise music, also to make noise, as you will see. Brian Chippendale is a favorite musician and visual artist of mine. As well John Dwyer, Leifgoldberg, many more.

here is the Fort thunder collective myspace page;

here is the Lightning Bolt Webpage;

thanks peoples

last thing, Dan Attoe who attended the University of Iowa is an amazing painter, and istillation artist. Here is the website for Western Exhibitions, a group he works with;


thanks again

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amanda hudson said...

woahhh. WARNING : the paperrad website may induce seizures.