Monday, November 17, 2008


Here's an artist in response to Cole's ongoing projects:

"Dan Dunn's Paintjam is an exciting, high energy, improvisational painting performance. Watch as the most astounding paintings take shape as if by magic, in just minutes!"

"Improvisational Art meets classic painting"

Paintjam: The story

"Deep in debt, Dan was looking for a way to meet his families growing needs. His wife asked him what his plan was? He replied that he was going to rent a storage warehouse, drape it in plastic and throw some paint! She never wavered in her support. 23 years together and still going strong!

Dan had amazing success right from the beginning which led to being part of a stage show in Atlantic City, Dan's daughter posted video from the show on YouTube where it received millions of hits and gained Dan worldwide attention.

Dan was inspired by the world renowned painter Denny Dent. Denny passed away at 55 years young in the prime of his career. Dan is finding his own voice within this fascinating new genre of performance art.

Dan has appeared on numerous local news shows worldwide and has appeared on The Ellen Show and The Carson Daly Show."

Here is Lady Liberty and Ray Charles

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Cole said...

It's ironic that you bring him up when you did... Yesterday was the first day I had ever seen his works, and I found them simply by browsing through YouTube. I actually just signed on to make a post about his work, but you beat me to the punch! Thanks for posting this though, he really is a fantastic artist!