Monday, November 3, 2008

Observation Walk Writing Piece.

It's fairly short but I like it. I'm combing my own observations of several different men and my own personal thoughts I had written down. This is something I'm really starting to enjoy, as I did similar things in my last project. I like the idea of creating characters and stories through sentences and words that didn't originally exist together. 

He must be traveling somewhere with that rolling suitcase. 
He seems to work so diligently. 
Hurry, haste, keep up the pace. [He says to himself]
He looks around, he wanders.
Hand on chin, he wonders. [What do they do in the rooms so high above it all. Some lights on, some lights off. Some active, some passive. Some alone, some accompanied. If I could hear their thoughts the roar of sound would most surely be overwhelming. Still, I wonder. ]

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