Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mark Manders

I came across Mark Manders when I was looking through the archive of reviews on Circa Art Magazine's website. I usually check out Circa because of their amazing design and layout work,but figured it was also a good spot to try to find a new artist to post on here. I hadn't heard of Mark Manders before but was interested after reading the review on his Self-Portrait as a Building. It's a highly conceptual work of art where he creates several scenarios that relate to rooms of a building or living space. These scenarios are highly reduced versions of what they would be like in real life and also present a new twist or story within it. What really got me interested was a writing about the piece I found on his website. It's beautifully written and very intriguing. I especially love the first line,

"Under a table you have the possibility to test your own absence. The realization that life is taking its course, even without you, is an intense human experience; it shows the finiteness of personality."

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